The Wisdom of God

“Let no man deceive himself.  If any man among you seemeth to be wise in this world, let him become a fool, that he may be wise.  For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.”

1 Corinthians 3:18-19

     Education takes place all of the time in lots of different places.  Any of us who would pass a speed trap on the way to work would slow down at that same spot the next day—especially if we received a ticket!  We learned something.

The television provides a lot of that learning in many homes today.  Our families often see the worst of the world there, but they still learned something.

Large colleges and universities can give us valuable skills to help us succeed in the workplace and the home.  Unfortunately, many of them also are dedicated to a secular humanistic worldview that denies any absolute truth.  Along with those important skills, students of those schools also learned something else.

At LCA, all of our teaching comes not from the changing worldly wisdom, but from the truth of God’s Word.  We can teach history and show how God rewards those people and nations who honor Him.  We can teach the orderliness of mathematics and show how that order proceeds from an orderly God.  We can teach the English language as the way to read the truths of the Bible and as a medium to share those truths with others.  Every subject has a solid basis in biblical truth for our students to learn.

We rejoice and count it a great privilege to be able to minister in the lives of young people each day.  We want to be sure that the something our students learn truly is the wisdom of God!

Parent-Teacher Conferences

On Tuesday, November 5, all parents of students in K3 through 6th grade should make plans to meet with their child’s teacher.  This is a valuable day near the start of the school year to strengthen the partnership between home and school.

These meetings are required and are scheduled on a first-come first-served basis with the school office.  (The teachers do not schedule the meetings themselves.)  School will be closed on November 5 for K3 through 6th grade, but will be held as a regular school day for 7th through 12th grade students.

Even though these appointments may result in a necessity to change work schedules or make other accommodations for the day, we are confident the time invested in meeting one-on-one with your child’s teacher will make those adjustments very worthwhile.

Please stop by or call Mrs. Kettlewood to schedule your appointment.

American Christian Honor Society

In a special ceremony this morning, two LCA juniors were inducted into the Blue Knight chapter of the American Christian Honor Society, joining our current senior member, Grace Mansfield.  Be sure to congratulate Emily Beaudoin and Joan Hadden on exceeding the rigorous requirements to be inducted into this prestigious organization.  Dr. Guy Goodell, the pastor of Greater Glens Falls Bible Baptist Church, spoke from God’s Word and a candle ceremony was held to mark this significant achievement.

We encourage you to watch the video of the induction ceremony on our school’s YouTube channel at this link.

SaveAround Coupon Books

We appreciate your support as we have been raising funds to continue to improve the facilities here at LCA through the sale of SaveAround coupon books.

The sale officially ends on Friday, November 1.  If you still have any books out, please either sell them by that date or return them to your child’s teacher so that we can return unsold books to the publisher.

We look forward to reporting on the amount of money we raised in an upcoming newsletter.

Tacos and Tenzi

The Latham Bible Baptist Church youth group invites all secondary students to a special activity tomorrow, Saturday, October 26, starting at 6:00 here at our church.  Pastor Walter and Pastor Sam are organizing a fun evening of food, fun, and fellowship centered on eating tacos and playing tenzi, a unique and fast-paced dice game.

The cost is only $3 per person, and you can get more information from Pastor Sam.  We hope to see many of our young people there!


As a part of our guidance program for senior high students at LCA, each of our juniors and seniors will be taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) Career Exploration Program test on Thursday, November 7.

The ASVAB is a tool that can help students consider careers they might not otherwise think of and help them evaluate their current life goals.  It is much broader than just military service.  We are confident that God will use this tool in helping lead students into His perfect will for their lives.

This test will be taken in our computer lab here at LCA and is given for no cost.  The results will be presented to the students in early January.  Parents with questions about the ASVAB should contact Mr. Fry.

Special Programs

I trust you will make plans even now to be here yourself and invite friends and family to be here for our special programs coming up in November and December.  The children are already working very hard to prepare music and drama, and they love seeing those familiar and friendly faces in the auditorium.

K4 Thanksgiving Program: Thursday, November 21

K3 and K5 Christmas Program: Thursday, December 12

Elementary Christmas Program: Thursday, December 17

      If you have any questions about these programs, please feel free to contact your child’s teacher.  All programs will begin at 7:00 PM and be held in our church auditorium.

Upcoming Events

Oct. 29 – Northeastern Baptist College in Chapel

Oct. 31 – Senior Lunch – Hamburger

Nov. 1 – End of Save Around Fundraiser

Nov. 1 – End of First Quarter

Nov. 5 – Parent-Teacher Conferences (K3-6th)

Nov. 5 – Report Cards Issued

Nov. 7 – ASVAB (11th-12th Grades)

Nov. 7 – Senior Lunch – Sloppy Joes