God’s Word in My Mouth, Part 1

“The word that God putteth in my mouth, that shall I speak.”

Numbers 22:38b

      As we begin a new year at LCA, it is valuable for all of us to set some goals for the coming year.  We have all heard the old saying, “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time,” often attributed to Zig Ziglar.  Our staff and students have been challenged to set a goal relating to our speech in the coming year, that our message will be God’s Word in My Mouth.

The verse above comes from the story of Balaam, set at the time of Moses in the Old Testament.  Numbers 22-24 recounts what happened with many twists and turns.  While Balaam certainly failed in many ways (and we will examine some of those in a future newsletter), he did succeed in guarding his message.  Balaam only gave the message that God directed him to share.

One of the lessons we can take away from Balaam’s life is that we must take great care to say exactly and exclusively what God has determined without saying anything less or more, no matter what the words, wishes, and wealth of men may be.

We certainly must be careful how we handle the Word of God.  In our Christian culture today, too many people have become too sloppy in how they read and interpret the Bible.  While we certainly believe that the Bible must be our only rule of faith and practice, sometimes we want to add our own experience or judgments.  When we read God’s word in context with its genre and audience in mind and compare Scripture with Scripture, we can be confident in God’s message to us and those around us.

We must also be prepared to handle all of Scripture.  We are not given the license to choose which passages we want to accept and which passages we do not want to share with others.  Balaam had to deliver the entire message God gave him and could not change that simply because it was too difficult or might cost him dearly.

While Balaam clearly failed in his heart motivation and his goals, we can be thankful that he did faithfully give God’s message to those around him.  Let’s make it our goal in the coming year to be good messengers and ambassadors for our Lord.

The Kinghtline

This Knightline newsletter will be published approximately every other Friday throughout the school year.  It contains vital information about our school program.  We ask that each family make a habit of reading the newsletter promptly.

Other than this first edition, future newsletters will be sent by email and posted online at news.lcany.org.  We encourage you to bookmark this mobile-friendly website to help you keep with all of the happenings around our school.

If you would like to receive a printed copy sent home with your child, please contact Mrs. Kettlewood in our school office.  We appreciate your help.

School Office Hours

Throughout the school year, our school office is open from 7:45 AM until 3:45 PM.  We appreciate your understanding at the busy times of arrival and dismissal where lines sometimes form at the office window.

If you need to call into the office, please avoid placing the call first thing in the morning or around lunch time (11:20-12:15).  These times are very busy and we may have trouble getting to your call.

Of course, please feel free to let us know if we can help you in any way throughout the year.

Arrival Time

Please remember that school begins promptly at 8:20 each morning.  All students (including K3 and K4) must arrive by this time to avoid being counted as tardy.  Arriving on time will also help our teachers avoid unnecessary distractions from teaching the other students.  According to school policy, each three tardies are counted as an absence.  Please contact our school office with any questions about these policies.

SaveAround Coupon Books

Earlier this week, we began one of only two fundraisers we run each year schoolwide as we begin distributing Save Around Coupon Books.  Each child was sent home with one book.  You may purchase that book for $25 or you may return it to your child’s teacher.

You may also want to show this sample book to your family, friends, and co-workers.  You may then request additional books from Mrs. Kettlewood in our school office.  Each child will receive one free Albany book for each five books sold.  This book would make a great gift or even one for the family to use themselves!

We appreciate your support as we raise funds to continue to improve the facilities here at LCA.      Of course, please feel free to contact our office with any questions about the Coupon Book fundraiser.

Financial Accounts

We appreciate how our families keep current on their financial accounts with LCA.  This enables us to stay current with our staff members and vendors.  Please remember that tuition and extended session fees are due by the 10th day of each month for those on the ten-month payment plan.  We will send an email around the 1st day of each month with current balances.  If you prefer to receive a paper statement, please see Mrs. Kettlewood in our school office.

Please Label Uniforms

Because each student here wears a uniform to school, please be sure to label your child’s clothing with his name or at least his initials.  We want to be sure that lost items get returned to the proper owner.

This is especially important with the blue uniform sweaters.

Please help us by also labeling lunch boxes and other materials which can easily become separated from their owners.

Parking Lot

We appreciate the help of each family as we have all adjusted to the new school year.  Please be sure that each person dropping or picking up your children follows the correct parking lot pattern.  The center aisle is one-way, leaving our parking lot.  Also, please be sure only to pull along the ropes in front of the building if you are staying in your vehicle and dropping off older children.  Of course, please contact our office if you have any questions about our parking lot policies.

School Banking

Mrs. Deb Roarke volunteers to help organize and run a school banking program in conjunction with CapCom credit union.  This program will begin soon, on Tuesday, September 25.  Students who have not yet signed up may do so by obtaining a form from Mrs. Roarke.  If you have any questions, please contact our school office.  We do encourage each of you to teach the value of saving money, and LCA’s school banking program can be an important part of this effort.

Upcoming Events

Sep. 18-20 – Sr. High Leadership Conference

Sep. 20 – Senior Lunch – Chicken Strips

Sep. 25 – School Banking Begins

Sep. 26 – See you at the Pole Prayer Day

Sep. 26 – SaveAround Fundraiser Ends

Sep. 26 – Progress Reports Issued (Grades 7-12)

Sep. 27 – Senior Lunch – Hot Dogs

Oct. 4-5 – NO SCHOOL – Teacher’s Convention

Oct. 8 – NO SCHOOL – Holiday