Praise God!

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”

John 3:16

      As a part of our school’s theme for this school year, our staff has dedicated themselves to sharing the praise of our Lord with the generation to come (Psalm 78:4).  We are thankful to serve the true and living God who is worthy of that praise.

We see in Scripture that we can praise the God of love.  The well-known verse above reminds us of the greatest gift anyone could ever give.  God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die for us so that we could be forgiven for our sins and live with Him forever in a spirit of full communion with God.  We and our children should thank Him every day for this great gift.

The Bible also teaches us that we should praise the God of mercy.  None of us would truly want everything we deserve to be given to us!  Whether it is that traffic light that turned red as we went under it or whether it is coming in to work five minutes late, if each of our authorities treated us without mercy, our lives would be very miserable.  God faithfully demonstrates His mercy to us every day as He gives us second chances to succeed (Jonah 3:1).  We and our students should praise Him for His great mercy.

Thirdly, the Bible instructs us to praise the God of faithfulness.  We can count on our God; He is not capricious or changeable in any way.  When He promises to do something, we can count on Him to keep that promise.  We know He will forgive our sins because He promised to do exactly that.  We know He will meet each of our needs because He said He would (Phil. 4:19).  We don’t have to worry about what God might be thinking or what kind of mood He might be in.  We and our students should praise Him for His great faithfulness.

We will continue encouraging our students to praise our great God and pray you will too.

8:20 Start Time

With these cold, dark mornings, it can be difficult to get children out the door on time, but please be sure your children are in their classrooms by 8:20 every day.  Even arriving just a few minutes late affects the routine of an entire classroom and can take away from needed instructional time.

Please remember that, according to LCA policy, every three tardies count as an absence on a student’s record.


On Wednesday, January 17, our 11th and 12th grade students will be taking the Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB).  This test can help students consider vocations they might not otherwise think of as they make their plans for the future and is much broader than just military service.

These tests will be taken in our computer lab on Wednesday morning and will be interpreted next month.  Please contact Mr. Fry with any questions.

Ensemble to Sing at Siena

This coming Thursday evening, January 18, our secondary ensemble will be singing the National Anthem before the start of the second game of the doubleheader basketball game at Siena College.  Special tickets are available through our school office for $10.  Please let Mrs. Kettlewood know by this coming Tuesday if you would like to purchase a ticket and come out and enjoy a basketball game and encourage our ensemble members.

Snow Closings

In most cases, LCA follows the weather-related closing schedule of the North Colonie School District, but because we have so many students from other school districts here, we may make a different decision when conditions require us to do so.

Please follow local media and websites to check for Latham Christian Academy’s status.  (We recommend Whenever we have a change, we will also notify all of our families by email.

Basketball Season Continues

Both our boys’ and girls’ basketball teams have had strong starts to their season and both teams will play this afternoon, starting at 4:00, against The King’s School.  Admission is free, and we encourage you to come out and support our student athletes.  Keep an eye on the Upcoming Events section of this newsletter for a full schedule of games and enjoy a fun family evening cheering for the Blue Knights!

Voice Lessons

Our school is looking into the possibility of providing private voice lessons to students who may be interested.  If you would like more information for your elementary or high school student, please email Miss Enman at or leave a note in our school office.

Check Skirt Length

It can be surprising how quickly our children grow over the course of a school year.  Uniforms that fit them well in September may now be too small.  Please remember that our girls’ jumpers and skirts must cover their knees.  If your daughter’s uniform has become too short, please be sure to stop by our uniform supplier in Albany and pick up a new one.

Upcoming Events

Jan. 15 – Holiday – NO SCHOOL

Jan. 16 – 4:30 PM – Home Basketball vs. Mohawk

Jan. 17 – ASVAB (11th-12th Grades)

Jan. 18 – Senior Lunch – Hot Dogs

Jan. 19 – End of Second Quarter/First Semester

Jan. 23 – 4:00 PM – Away Basketball vs. Wilton

Jan. 24 – Report Cards Issued

Jan. 25 – Senior Lunch – Macaroni and Cheese

Jan. 30 – 4:00 – Away Boys’ Basketball vs. Faith

Jan. 31 – 8:30 AM – Missionary to Myanmar (3rd-12th)