“Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.”

Ephesians 5:10

     Every parent has had to work with children to get them to break bad habits.  Perhaps the child has gotten in the habit of dropping food from the dinner table or maybe it is something more serious such as lying to cover up a misdeed.  Either way, all parents know how difficult it can be to get children to stop an action they have gotten in the regular habit of doing.

Conversely, every parent has worked hard to get children to pick up some good habits.  We all want our children to brush their teeth before going to bed, to buckle their seat belts before each car trip, and to be kind and use kind words with others.  The only way children will get into habits like these is for them to practice them over and over again.

Our lives are full of habits, even as adults.  Ephesians 5:10 reminds us that our actions are more than just mindless responses to the world around us, however.  Every action has a moral component and cannot be passed off as less than either right or wrong.  That moral determination is not left up to each individual to decide for himself either.

The Lord Jesus Christ is the measure of what is right.  An action is morally correct when it is in line with His character as revealed in His Word, the Bible.  We can be glad that morality is not subjectively based on an individual’s whims at a given moment, but based on eternal truth that will not change with the surrounding world.

At LCA, it is our goal to teach children to build habits that will be acceptable to the Lord.  We will train them to study and memorize Scripture so that they will never have to guess what pleases Him.  We will model prayer and Bible reading as a habit of communicating with Him, and we trust we are partnering with the home in practicing only the best habits in life.

Spring Break

Please remember that LCA will be closed the week of April 25-29 this year for Spring Break.

Please also mark your calendars for two added days off.  Because of unused snow days, LCA will be closed Friday, May 27, through Tuesday, May 31, for Memorial Day break.

If you have any questions about our school calendar, please contact our school office.

Spring Pictures

We have heard a lot of positive feedback about the spring pictures given out to our families last week.  Please remember that you must either purchase those pictures or return them to your child’s teacher.  Once those pictures are returned or paid for, you will be given your child’s class picture as a complementary gift from LifeTouch.

NYACS Elementary Fine Arts

On Friday, May 6, LCA will be hosting elementary students from all around New York State for our annual fine arts festival for students in grades 4 through 6.  This will be an exciting day of activity around the school.

Because of this event, there will be no school for students in K3, K4, K5, Grades 1-3, or 7-11.  Please be sure to see your child’s teacher or our school office with any questions.

Students in Grades 4-6 should plan to be at school as directed by their teachers and will be dismissed around the regular time in the afternoon.  Parents of these students are also encouraged to attend the competition, if possible.

Voices of Easter

LCA is pleased to announce our spring play.  On Thursday evening, May 19, at 6:30 PM, we will be presenting Voices of Easter, directed by volunteer and LCA school board member Elaine Henry.  Students in fifth through twelfth grades are rehearsing and preparing each week.

We hope you will make plans to attend Easter Voices.  There is no admission charge, although an offering will be taken to help cover the costs of the production.  If you have any questions, please contact Mr. Fry at school.

LCA Field Day

Our annual field day is a highlight of our spring activities for students in K3 through 6th grades.  Because of the change to our May schedule, we are rescheduling our Field Day to Friday, June 3.  Weather permitting, we will have competitive and non-competitive activities, a bounce house, snacks, and other outdoor fun.  We will need parent volunteers to help make this day successful.  If we can plan on your help that day, please see your child’s teacher.

Carpetball Tournament Winners

Students in third through twelfth grades participated in a “March Madness” tournament of their own last month.  Pastor Walter ran a tournament in “carpetball” and we recently crowned the champions.  The overall winner was senior Mickayla Mein.  Our second place finisher was eighth grade student Grace Mansfield.  Third place went to Jason Jebaraj in fourth grade.  We had a tie for fourth place between Matthew Mansfield in tenth grade and Joshua Wu in sixth grade.

We congratulate all of our winners and thank Pastor Walter for his help giving our students a fun lunchtime diversion through the cold and wet month of March!

Parent Transportation Days

Over the next month, some school districts will have different schedules than LCA does.  Please remember that each student is expected to be in school on time, regardless of whether bus transportation is provided or not.  For example, East Greenbush schools will be closed next Thursday and Friday, April 21-22, and will not be providing busing.  LCA will be open on a regular schedule both days.

If you have any questions about bus transportation, please feel free to contact your local school district’s transportation department.

Senior Trip

Our twelfth grade students returned from North Carolina and Washington, DC, last Saturday after their annual senior trip.  They all had an excellent time together with their sponsors, Mr. Fry and Mrs. O’Rourke.  Each year, we set aside a week for fun and spiritually uplifting activities for our seniors focusing on a special week at The Wilds Christian Camp and Conference Center, probably the best conservative Christian camp on the East Coast.  Our Facebook page features a few pictures of the trip along with video of two of the seniors on the zip line flying over four waterfalls!

We thank all of you for your prayers and support for this year’s seniors.  We will be featuring them in upcoming editions of the Knightline so you can get to know each of them better.

Upcoming Events

April 21 – Senior Lunch – Hot Dogs

April 21-22 – Parent Transportation in Some Districts

April 25-29 – Spring Break – No School

May 3 – Teacher Appreciation Day

May 4 – Progress Reports Sent Home (Grades 7-12)

May 5 – Senior Lunch – Chicken Strips

May 6 – NYACS Fine Arts (K3-3rd/7th-11th No Classes)

May 12 – Senior Lunch – Hamburgers

May 12 – 7:00 PM – Spring Concert

May 14 – Senior Banquet

May 19 – 6:30 – Spring Play