“Now no chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous: nevertheless afterward it yieldeth the peaceable fruit of righteousness unto them which are exercised thereby.”
Hebrews 12:11

      How happy are tried Christians, afterwards. No calm more deep than that which succeeds a storm. Who has not rejoiced in clear shinings after rain? Victorious banquets are for well-exercised soldiers. After killing the lion we eat the honey; after climbing the Hill Difficulty, we sit down in the arbor to rest; after traversing the Valley of Humiliation, after fighting with Apollyon, the shining one appears, with the healing branch from the tree of life.

Our sorrows, like the passing keels of the vessels upon the sea, leave a silver line of holy light behind them “afterwards.” It is peace, sweet, deep peace, which follows the horrible turmoil which once reigned in our tormented, guilty souls.

See, then, the happy estate of a Christian! He has his best things last, and he therefore in this world receives his worst things first. But even his worst things are “afterward” good things, harsh ploughings yielding joyful harvests. Even now he grows rich by his losses, he rises by his falls, he lives by dying, and becomes full by being emptied; if, then, his grievous afflictions yield him so much peaceable fruit in this life, what shall be the full vintage of joy “afterwards” in heaven? If his dark nights are as bright as the world’s days, what shall his days be? If even his starlight is more splendid than the sun, what must his sunlight be?

If he can sing in a dungeon, how sweetly will he sing in heaven! If he can praise the Lord in the fires, how will he extol Him before the eternal throne! If evil be good to him now, what will the overflowing goodness of God be to him then? Oh, blessed “afterward!” Who would not be a Christian? Who would not bear the present cross for the crown which cometh afterwards? But herein is work for patience, for the rest is not for to-day, nor the triumph for the present, but “afterward.” Wait, O soul, and let patience have her perfect work.


By C. H. Spurgeon, Morning and Evening Devotional, May 18.

Kindergarten Programs

As our school year winds down, we want to be sure everyone is aware of the special programs our youngest students are busily preparing for their parents. Please note the following dates and times:

K3              Tuesday, June 2           10:00 AM

K4              Thursday, June 4          10:00 AM

K5              Thursday, June 4          7:00 PM

The last day of school for all K3, K4, and K5 students will be Thursday, June 4. If you have any questions, please contact your child’s teacher.

Awards Chapels

Each year on the last day of school, we recognize students with special awards. Parents are encouraged to attend these special end-of-year chapels and help recognize their children’s achievement.

Grades 1-6: June 12 – 9:00 AM

Grades 7-12: June 12 – 10:45 AM

Secondary Exams

Families with students in grades 7 through 12 should have received an email from Mr. Fry about a week ago with the final exam schedule for this year. Exams will be given Tuesday through Thursday, June 9-11. On these days, students in grades 7 through 12 will be dismissed at 11:45. (Students in grades 1 through 6 will have their regular 3:00 dismissal time.)

Please keep in mind that on the last day of school, Friday, June 12, all students will be dismissed at noon and that no extended session will be available.

Senior Spotlight – Elsa Bohl

Latham Christian Academy is privileged to have six graduating seniors during the 2014 – 2015 school year. Many of these members of the Class of 2015 have attended LCA for a long time, and they have all contributed a great deal to the ministry here. Each remaining month during the school year, we will be highlighting one of the seniors in an article published in our Knightline newsletter. We continue this week with senior Elsa Bohl.

Elsa Bohl is our school’s newest senior, enrolling at the start of her junior year last year. Before coming here, she had attended Mohonasen High School. Elsa is excited about graduating with her new friends from LCA in two weeks.

Elsa’s father, Charlie, grew up in the Albany area, graduating from Albany High School. Mr. Bohl is now the part owner of Bohl Construction, along with several other family members. Elsa describes her dad as “the hardest worker I know.”

Elsa’s mother, Carol, grew up on Second Street in Albany and also graduated from Albany High. She is a real estate agent with Signature Home Buyers. Mr. and Mrs. Bohl met through their friends and are still obviously in love today, providing an excellent example to their children.

Elsa is a part of a large family. Her oldest brother, Chris, is 31 and currently works at a school for troubled teens. Elsa’s sister Emily is 24, and works as a nanny in Rotterdam. Elsa has another older sister Evelyn, affectionately known as Jo. Evelyn is 21 and is living in Annapolis, MD, and is working for a congressional campaign in the state. Elsa’s nearest sibling is Charlie, 20, who is a chef at Prime 677 in Albany. Charlie is very involved in outreach at their church where he leads a college group. Charlie is planning on entering the ministry in the future. Elsa’s only younger sibling, Ben, is 14 and in the ninth grade here at LCA.

Elsa and her family attend Abounding Grace Christian Church in Rotterdam. Elsa is active in her youth group and also teaches a Sunday school class of three- to five-year-old children. The Bohls have attended this church for about eight years.

When Elsa joined LCA in eleventh grade, she recalls that this school was welcoming to her and that she fit in quickly, remarking, “It was a blessing to be able to come in and be myself.” During her senior year, Elsa has had many great memories during volleyball and basketball seasons. The road games provided many opportunities for inside jokes with the other girls and an all-around good time.

Elsa has two special friends at LCA, classmate Kaitlyn and junior Jasmine. They provide Elsa with constant laughter as well as an assurance that “no matter what, I know they will be there—not just in school, even after graduation.”

Elsa will remember Mrs. Walter as a special teacher who encourages faith in every lesson and conversation. She remarked, “The kindness of her heart shows that she is genuine.” Mrs. Kupeyan also has a special place in Elsa’s heart as one who can sense someone who is in a bad mood and who will offer comfort quickly. Elsa also remarked about Mrs. O’Rourke’s ability to offer a shoulder so that her students can laugh or cry with her, “She is always there.”

While Elsa is not sure of her exact plans for the future, she is planning to attend Hudson Valley Community College and pursue general studies there. She is interested in such widely varying fields such as acting, special education, and the sciences, but is waiting to sense God’s leading before making a final decision.

Elsa’s life verse comes from Psalm 37:4, “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.”