Another Generation

“And there arose another generation . . . which knew not the Lord, nor yet the works which he had done for Israel.”

Judges 2:10

      How is it that an entire generation could serve the Lord faithfully during their lifetimes, yet see the next generation turn away so completely from the Lord? While we can’t really tell exactly what “went wrong” from this passage, we can speculate on some possibilities from other passages in Scripture.

First, perhaps they became too busy serving that they forgot to truly teach their children. Remember that these people had just seen Jehovah bring Israel great victories over the peoples of the Promised Land. Moses had warned the people to make sure to teach God’s words to their children, and even to post His commandments around their houses in Deuteronomy 11. If these people had neglected this important principle, their children may have been lost to worldly philosophies. We must be sure to guard our times of influence on our own children!

Second, perhaps they began to rely too heavily on the works of their own hands. Jeremiah 2:11-13 give us a lesson on a broken cistern made by hand. A cistern is generally not known for holding the cleanest or purest water, and in this passage this cistern represents trying to achieve spiritual life in our own power. It would be easy for the children at the time of Joshua to assume that their fathers had won these victories in their own strength, and then logically, they could assume that they themselves could win the same way. We must be sure to communicate our own dependence on the Lord to our children!

Third, perhaps they forgot to insist to their children that they were a special people. Moses had taught the Israelite people that they were a holy and peculiar people in Deuteronomy 14:2, but these special people went on to worship the false gods of Baal and Ashtoreth. While their fathers were off fighting, the children were at home learning from the conquered lands. Too often our own children do not learn that they are to be a special and distinct people themselves, as 1 Peter 2:9 teaches. Do we allow our children to act like the world, dress like the world, listen to the world’s music, enjoy the world’s entertainment, and have the world’s attitude? We must insist that our children be different simply because they are Christians!

Spring Break

With our record-setting warmth this week, it is time to begin looking forward to Spring Break. LCA will be closed the week of April 25-29 this year in addition to Friday, March 25.

Some have asked if we will have any additional days off because we have not used any snow days this year. To help those who rely on public school transportation, our administrative team is waiting to hear from our local districts. Once we receive their decisions, we will announce our own schedule for the spring.

Parent Transportation Days

Please be aware that even when a local district does not provide transportation, we still expect students to be in school and on time when we have a regular school day. Some districts may not be providing transportation this coming Friday, March 18, because of a Superintendent’s Day. This is a regular school day here at LCA. Please contact our school office with any questions.

Spring and Class Pictures

On Tuesday, March 22, we will be taking our spring pictures. If parents are planning to purchase pictures, students may choose to dress up for school this day and are not required to wear their school uniforms. Pictures will be sent home on an “on approval” basis. Parents will only need to pay for pictures they choose to keep and may simply return any others.

On Tuesday, March 29, our students will have their class picture day. We ask that all of our students wear their best uniforms that day to look sharp for this memorable photo. The class picture is provided complementary to all parents after the spring pictures have been either returned or paid for.


As enrollment season begins, we hope that each family will carefully pray and consider God’s will for their children’s education. We realize that it is a high honor to be entrusted with the education of each child enrolled in our academy. We also know that our system works best when families are able to follow the scope and sequence throughout our established program.

If you have any questions about the enrollment process, please contact Mrs. Kettlewood in our school office. Of course, if you know of others who may benefit from our Christ-centered curriculum and loving faculty and staff, please tell them about us.

New registration has now started, and we do not want any of our current families to be disappointed that there is no room for their child. All families wishing to return this fall must complete the re-enrollment process. If you need new copies of any information, please visit our website or contact Mrs. Kettlewood.

Please also remember that we provide a $35 discount for those who re-enroll their students before April 1, as we are then better able to make plans for the coming school year. Applications are not complete until the enrollment fee is paid in our school office.

Bus Transportation

If you are planning on using public school bussing for your student this fall, or even considering doing so, it is critically important for you to contact your local transportation department as soon as possible.

New York policy requires parents to notify their local districts no later than April 1 with a request for transportation. If you miss this deadline, you probably will not be able to receive transportation to school.

If you need contact information, please see Mrs. Kettlewood or Mrs. Mein. Some districts have provided us with forms to be completed as well.

Talent Show

Our school calendar indicates that our talent show will be held in a couple of weeks. For several reasons, we have had to cancel this event at this point in the year. We will consider rescheduling for later in the spring. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Yearbook Billing

Our yearbook staff has been working very diligently in preparing the last few pages of our annual yearbook. This book will become a special keepsake full of memories for all of our LCA families. Between now and April 1, each family will be billed $30 to cover the cost of this yearbook. (This is a required charge.) If you would like to order more than one copy for your family, please contact Mrs. Mansfield.

Upcoming Events


March 16 – Progress Reports Issued (Grades 1-12)

March 17 – Senior Lunch – Hot Dogs

March 18 – Parent Transportation Day (some districts)

March 22 – Spring Picture Day

March 24 – Senior Lunch – Chicken Strips

March 25 – Holiday – No School

March 29 – Class Picture Day

April 25-29 – Spring Break – No School